Our Clients

Company Name

Sector of Business

Service Offered

Irrico Limited  Road Construction Guarding
Taphes and Nitram Road Construction Guarding
Perfection Plus Workshop Guarding
GAP Fabricators Contractors Guarding/ Dog Patrols
ZIKI Hardware Commercial services Guarding/ Dog Patrols
Mwaka Estate Construction Guarding
Dream Homes Construction Guarding
IE Solutions Office Block Guarding/ Dog Patrols
Savana GEO Plumbers Service Shop Guarding Services
Grace Point Church Church Guarding
Dagoreti CDF Garage Commercial Services Guarding
Spuds Restaurant Hotel and Caterers Guarding
Kabiria Limited Real Estate Guarding
Emmanuel Shikuku Real Estate Guarding
PCEA Undiri Church Church and Estate Guarding
Ayanah Workshop Factory Guarding and Response
BellWay Apartments Apartments Guarding
Relco Builders Hotel Guarding
Janetex Limited Real Estate Guarding and Response
21 Kerarapon Avenue Gated Community Guarding
Samal Homes Limited Real Estate Guarding
NIM Limited Real Estate Guarding
Tabi Court Apartments Guarding
Nairobi Business Ventures Commercial Services Guarding and Response
Valley View Park Apartments Guarding
ACK Kikuyu Parish Churches Guarding
Victory Faith Church Church Guarding/Events Security
Darosa Plaza Commercial Guarding
Care Kenya NGO VIP Protection Services
AFLEWO Church Events Security
KPCU Coffee Mills Guarding and Dog Services
Midlands Limited Potatoes Factory Guarding and Dog Services
Milimani Backpacker Travel and Accommodation Guarding
Red Igloo Heights Farm Guarding and Dog Services