Frequently Asked Questions Questions

1. Do you provide guards for both commercial and residential Estates? Yes we are currently guarding over 15 residential Estates and homes. We are also contracted to guard commercial properties including construction sites, schools, Shops and supermarkets.

2. Do you have a dog section? Yes we run one of the biggest kennel catering for both our dogs and also hire out space for other security firms. Apart from breeding and selling puppies for security dogs, we also keep pets for families who travel and take care of them in their absence.

3. How do you handle big infrastructure projects? We deploy a dedicated project manager with knowledge of the ground terrain, local people’s culture as the politics of the day. The project is then run with its peculiarities and independently.

4. Where do you train and vet your guards? We have outsourced training and recruitment from a private training Academy to enable us to concentrate on our core business of eliminating loss to our clients. The trained guards are then subjected to specific training based on client needs before deployment. Document verification is done continuously.

5. How different are your guards from the rest in the market? We have created the best supervision system in the market which makes sure that the guards are not only supervised but that the supervisor also gets to be supervised randomly by senior management staff.

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