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has a wide and varied capacity to handle client base encompassing Multinational Corporations, Governments, NGOs, Private Corporations and Individuals. We apply a holistic approach to security in which common principals, factors and measures are applied to diverse industries. However, we also firmly believe that our people need to develop a deep understanding of the systems and processes in each industry. Our primary role is to reduce our client’s exposure to loss in order that they can improve upon their profitability. To that end, our greatest measure of success is when the client is free to concentrate on his core activities while we partner them in their loss reduction objectives.


We specialize in the provision of integrated risk solutions

tailored to suit our client’s needs to risk and budget. Our goal is to provide comprehensive an intelligent security that enables you to mitigate risk and protect your employees and property at all times.

Our security specialists will work closely with you to develop the systems and procedures to achieve that goal

Where necessary we will act on a primary contractor basis and coordinate, lead and manage the provision of security services. If the best expertise cannot be found within SECUVENTURE SECURITY SERVICES LIMITED’s own internal resources, we will source the best from elsewhere and provide it under the SECUVENTURE SECURITY SERVICES LIMITED umbrella. We provide bespoke and off the shelf solutions to client problems.

We are ready
for all challenges.

  • Angelica Waite
    My neighbours and I are very pleased with Nicholas who is doing a great job. i also noticed that we now have placard on our main gate saying Secuventure Security
    Angelica Waite
    Advantage Travel
  • Mwangi Muthee
    This years even has largely received good reviews and feedback from the participating teams, fans, CAR, IRB and the government. Once again KRU thanks Secuventure Security for your diligent efforts in rising to the challenge of delivering a world class event
    Mwangi Muthee
    Kenya Rugby Union Chairman

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